naika tlatwa nanich aksitan-ilahi #3 – anḵati ts’um kopa nio pi andora-ilahi

Credit: Sites Touristique Ariège 

In this series I’m going to be writing a multi-post story about a trip to the southern part of France, sometimes called “Occitania”. It will be in Chinook Wawa written in the BC Learners’ Orthography, which you can read about here. I will also be adding footnotes for words or constructions you may not be familiar with.

Neologisms or new borrowings that I have never seen in historical documents will be marked with a * and/or possibly a footnote if they need an explanation. Generally I will be trying to avoid them whenever possible.

chako toomolo, wuẖt nesaika mash tooloos-town. okok sun nesaika tiki kooli saiyaa kopa tooloos, kopa iht tenas town tlaska mamook-neim nio «Niaux».

nio-town mitlait saẖali kopa mountin wik-saiyaa kopa spanyol-ilahi pi iht dleit tenas ilahi tlaska mamook-neim “andora-ilahi”. haiyoo mountin kanawei ḵaẖ, haiyoo stik.

tenas-sun chhi nesaika kooli kopa ts’ikts’ik. tl’onas mokst owr nesaika kooli. haiyoo tenas oiẖait kanawei ḵaẖ. pos nesaika kooli, haiyoo french shanti nesaika ḵ’wolaan kopa reidio¹. haiyoo taim naika ḵ’wolaan iht shanti, “tyoo mu plei” «tu me play». tloosh masaika ḵ’wolaan:

yaka wawa kakwa:

Tout n’est pas clair
Dans ce désert
Mais si je suis sur Terre
C’est pour te plaire


heilo kanawei-ikta dleit
kopa okok kultus ilahi
pi pos naika mitlait kopa okok ilahi,
naika mitlait pos mamook-tloosh maika tumtum

yawa nesaika ḵ’o’ nio-town. pi saẖali kopa okok town mitlait haiyoo mountin pi haiyoo ston-ilahi². kopa iht okok ston-ilahi mitlait haiyas tloosh anḵati ts’um.

anḵati ts’um kopa nio

anḵati mitlait haiyoo hump-bak-moosmoos kopa yurap. sumtaims anḵati tilikum tlaska mamook-peint okok moosmoos kopa ston-ilahi || Credit: Bradshaw Foundation

dleit ẖuloima yurap-ilahi anḵati. kakwa kopa okok ilahi, mitlait haiyoo kanawei-ikta haiyas mowich³: okok hump-bak-moosmoos tlaska mamook-neim “bufalo“, laiuns, aibeks, wail⁴ kyootan, dleit haiyas mowich, anḵati moosmoos tlaska mamook-neim “owraks“, woli raino, woli mamuth, beir, ets. anḵati tilikum tlaska mamook-mimaloos wik-saiyaa kanawei kakwa mowich kopa yurap.

pi sumtaims tilikum anḵati tlaska mamook-peint okok haiyas mowich kopa ston-ilahi. pi kwanisum⁵ okok ts’um mitlait. tl’onas 17000 sno anḵati tlaska mamook-kakwa kopa nio. nawitka dleit anḵati.

pos heilo tilikum mamook-heilo okok ts’um, tlaska wawa nesaika pos nesaika tlatwa kanamokst iht tloochman. yaka mamook-kumtuks nesaika ḵata okok ston-ilahi pi ts’um. wuẖt yaka tloosh-nanich pos heilo nesaika mamook-kakshit ikta. kopit french yaka wawa. tenas tloosh naika kumtuks french-wawa, kakwa haiyoo yaka wawa naika kumtuks, pi tenas-haiyoo heilo naika kumtuks.

yukwa ikta naika kumtuks.

ḵata nio ston-ilahi. haiyoo anḵati ts’um mitlait kopa «salon noir» || Credit: Sites Touristique Ariège 

anḵati, tl’onas 400-100 sno anḵati, haiyoo tilikum tlatwa nanich nio. tlaska tiki nanich okok haiyas ston-ilahi ḵaẖ okok anḵati ts’um mitlait. pi heilo tlaska tiki tlatwa nanich okok anḵati ts’um. kopit okok ston-ilahi tlaska tiki nanich. pi dleit haiyas okok. wik-ḵansiẖ naika nanich ston-ilahi kakwa.

haiyas stalo mitlait kikwuli kopa okok mountin anḵati. okok kikwuli stalo mamook-kut okok lamotai. kakwa okok stalo mamook okok ston-ilahit. kwanisum tenas-haiyoo chuḵ mitlait, pi heilo mitlait kikwuli stalo alta. haiyoo ẖuloima ston mitlait kanawei-ḵaẖ, saẖali pi kikwuli. pi dleit kol kopa yawa. tl’onas 12° insaid okok ston-ilahi. wik-saiyaa 40° kopa tlaẖani. tlaska patlach nesaika lanturn: heilo mitlait lait insaid kopa okok ston-ilahi.

haiyaḵ nesaika nanich ts’um, pi⁶ heilo anḵati ts’um okok. haiyoo tilikum tlaska mamook-ts’um tlaksa neim kopa ston yawa. nanich:

haiyoo tilikum mamook-ts’um tlaska neim kopa nio || Credit: Jeannie Cook

nesaika tlatwa insaid kopa okok ston-ilahi kanamokst tl’onas 20 tilikum. dleit haiyas okok ston-ilahi, pi wuẖt ḵaẖḵaẖ chako-tenas: sumtaims wik-saiyaa nesaika tlatwa kopa ilahi kakwa papoos. tl’onas iht owr pit sitkum nesaika mitlait kopa okok ston-ilahi.

haiyoo anḵati rich tilikum pi taiyi tilikum tlaska mamook-ts’um tlaska neim kopa yawa. iht man, yaka loiur⁷ anḵati kopa tooloos-town, yaka mamook-ts’um yaka neim wik-saiyaa kopa okok anḵati ts’um. yaka mamook-ts’um «Reben de la Vialle 1660». nawiitka haiyoo tilikum mamook kakwa. kanawei-ḵaẖ kopa okok ston-ilahi mitlait tilikum tlaska neim. okok tloochmam yaka mamook-nanich kopa nesaika, heilo yaka tiki okok chhi ts’um.

kanamokst okok chhi ts’um mitlait iht-iht anḵati ts’um. kopa ilep⁸, nesaika nanich ẖuloima anḵati ts’um. haiyoo tenas ts’um mitlait. okok tloochman yaka wawa pos tlaska mamook-kownt kopa okok tenas ts’um pi heilo-tlaksta dleit kumtuks ikta tlaska mamook.

yawa nesaika tlatwa nanich ikta tlaska mamook-neim “salon noir”. kopa yawa mitlait haiyoo anḵati ts’um: bufalo, aibeks, pi kyootan. nawiitka haiyas tloosh okok. heilo-tlaksta kumtuks ikta-mamook tlaska mamook-peint okok. tl’onas tlaska haiyoo-hunt okok bufalo. tl’onas tlaska tiki mamook-tloosh okok bufalo tlaska sili. tl’onas kopit tlaska tiki okok bufalo.

heilo lait mitlait kopa yawa. kopa okok, tlaska mamook-neim “salon noir”, kakwa pos wawa “tli’il tenas-hous”. pi pos mitlait tenas lait, kakwa tenas kandl⁹, alta nesaika nanich okok ts’um. pi okok tenas lait mamook kakwa pos okok ts’um moov¹⁰. nawiitka tlaska mamook-peint mokst latet kopa iht-iht okok bufalo. kakwa pos okok bufalo mamook-moov yaka latet pos nesaika mamook-lait. haiyas ẖuloima okok.

mitlait haiyoo wuẖt ts’um kopa okok ston-ilahi, pi heilo nesaika nanich ¹¹. kopa okok ston-ilahi mitlait iht “wisul”. kopit kopa okok nio ston-ilahi mitlait iht kakwa anḵati ts’um. pi mitlait mokst leik kikwuli kopa mountin. wik-ḵata nesaika nanich okok ts’um pos heilo nesaika swim kikwuli kopa okok mokst leik. wik-ḵata nesaika mamook kakwa.

anḵati wisul ts’um || Credit: Bradshaw Foundation

kopit okok pi nesaika k’ilapai kopa nesaika ts’ikts’ik. alta nesaika tiki tlatwa kopa iht tenas-ilahi: andora-ilahi.


ḵaẖ mitlait andora-ilahi || Credit: Wikimedia commons

dleit tenas ilahi okok andora-ilahi. wik-saiyaa kopa spanyol-ilahi pi pasaiyooks-ilahi, okok. wuẖt wik-saiyaa kopa nio town, okok. kopit iht tlaska mitlait govmin, okok andora tilikum. mokst haiyas taiyi tlaska mitlait. iht bishop kopa spanyol ilahi pi haiyas taiyi kopa french-ilahi. tlaska wawa katalan-wawa kopa yawa. tl’onas 80000 tilikum mitlait okok ilahi. dleit tenas.

nesaika tiki nanich okok ẖuloima tenas ilahi. kakwa nesaika tlatwa nanich.

oiẖat kopa andora

mitlait haiyoo mountin kanawei ḵaẖ kopa okok ilahi. tlaska mamook-neim okok mountin “pirani lamotai”. pos nesaika kooli, nesaika lost okok french reido. chhi nesaika hoihoi reido, nesaika ḵ’wolaan ẖuloima wawa. kopa ilep naika tumtum pos spanyol-wawa okok. pi heilo mitlait okok “th” tlaska kwanwisum wawa kopa spanyol-ilahi. wuẖt tenas-haiyoo spanyol-wawa naika kumtuks, pi aiyaḵ naika chako-kumtuks heilo dleit spanyol-wawa okok. katalan wawa, okok. tloosh masaika ḵ’wolaan:

haiyas ẖuloima ilahi okok. mitlait “ski-hous” kanawei ḵaẖ: saiyaa-ilahi tilikum tlatwa plei kopa okok moutin pos kol-ilahi. wuẖt wik-saiyaa heilo tlikum peiyei andora govmin ikta, kakwa haiyoo makook-hous mitlait kanawei-ḵaẖ kopa taiyi town. tilikum tlatwa makook tobako, kanawei-ikta elektlik, hwiski, gas, ETS. dleit kakwa “point roberts“, okok. heilo-ikta anḵati mitlait kopa andoralaveiya-town, taiyi town kopa okok ilahi. kakwa haiyas makook-hous okok ilahi kanawei. heilo naika tiki.

nesaika mukmuk pi haiyaḵ nesaika mash andora-ilahi. heilo-ikta tloosh mitlait kopa yawa, kopit okok mountin. tl’onas 4 owr nesaika kooli pi nesaika tl’ap tooloos-town.

kopit kakwa okok naika peipa. wik-leili wuẖt naika mamook-kooli peipa. atlḵi!


1 – *reidio = radio. I’ve never seen this word before, but in my opinion it would likely have been the word for it. We always see new technology in the Kamloops Wawa being called by its common English name: “tiligraf” (=telegraph), “mamuk tiligraf” (=to send a telegraph) “majik lantirn” (magic lantern), “stim kar” (=steam car), “stim bot” (=steamboat), “iliktrik” (=electric), “rilrod” (=rail road), etc.

2 – ston-ilahi = cave.

3 – mowich may literally mean “deer”, but in the north it is the generic word for “animal” as well.

4 – wail = wild

5 – Kwanisum, at least in the north, can also mean “still”. So “kwanisum okok ts’um mitlait” = “those drawings still exist”. Think like the French “toujours”.

6 – Keep in mind that “pi” can be translated as both “and” as well as “but“. Here it means “but”. Often it can be translated as “so that” or “then” (e.g. “kopit okok pi” = “when this was done then”) as well. “bət” is not a word you’ll find in the north.

7 – loiur = lawyer. I have seen this word several times. For example when describing Cicero, the priest Le Jeune says that he was “kakwa loiir ankati” (=like a lawyer long ago). There were many new loans for occupations you will not find in dictionaries: “polis man“, (police man) “fair man” (fire man), “ministir” (protestant minister), “bishop“, “chyuch” (judge), etc.

8 – kopa ilep = at first, first of all

9 – kandl = candle.

10 – moov = move. You will see this word all over the work “tlus mari kopa lurd” (Our Lady of Lourdes) by Father Le Jacq.

11 – Notice how nothing at all is often a word? The “silent it”.

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