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Readings – Kamloops Wawa

kata miksiko ilihi ankati

kata rom tawn ankati

Besieged in Peking

kata iakwa ilihi


Readings – Chinook Bible History

divid pi golaiath

ST mamuk ilihi – Chinook Genisis

Other Readings / Recordings

Audiobook- The Cats of Ulthar in Chinook

Frank Drew’s Chinook Jargon



Being that causes insanity

Big Flood of 1894

First Sino-Japanese War

Two white dogs cause insanity

The Approach of Spring

How to learn Chinuk Pipa


Hello Sweetheart

ukuk naikas au

Drinking Song – Mungo Martin

tenas waski

Thanks q’alis for the upload

Weik-leili nesaika tlatwa

Kakwa til kyootan

Seattle Illahee

Thanks q’alis for the upload
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