Coldwater – A Tale of Repression and Resistance

Both a chilling tale of colonial repression of traditional indigenous practices and an inspiring tale of the resistance of those who stood up for their beliefs.

This is the story of several indigenous men from Coldwater Reserve BC, Canada, who confronted French Catholic missionary Jean-Marie Le Jeune and stood up for their traditional beliefs. The story was recorded by Le Jeune in 1895 in the Chinook Jargon language newspaper the Kamloops Wawa. Transcribed from the Chinook Pipa (chinook writing), a short hand alphabet Le Jeune adapted for Chinook jargon and other indigenous languages, the spelling follows that found in the original source.

There is no doubt mistakes in this recording, transcription, and translation, but I tried my best. I encourage you all to learn some chinook yourselves.

Read the story yourself:

Click here to learn more:

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