Flying Sheet #1

Sometimes the first exposure to Chinook Jargon that learners had was in the form of loose “flying sheets” – feuilles volantes – but, to my knowledge at least, these do not survive. Well if we can’t find them then let’s make some ourselves! Here’s the first in a forthcoming series of “flying sheets” to help you on your way to learning Chinook Jargon and Chinuk Pipa!

Standard Chinuk Pipa Transliteration

I’ll add a note here that ‘pus‘ (also written as spos or pos) is a tricky word and its usage varies a bit based on dialect and speaker. For now just know that it means “if”, “when… (not a question word ‘when?’ as in ‘what time?’)”, and “in order to… / so that…”. In southern dialect Chinook you will see it mean “for”.

*Edit: for showing motion with a purpose like here with “going to buy food” you should actually not use pus. “Klatwa makuk makmak” itself is the way to say “go to buy food”. Check this article out.

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