Kaltash Wawa Special Edition: naika baskit

ankati naika papa iaka mama iaka papa makuk ukuk baskit kopa shushwap tilikom. klunas 90 sno ukuk baskit. naika tilikom klaska mitlait ilo saia kopa shushwap lik. klunas klaska wawa chinuk pus klaska sil ukuk baskit. ilo naika komtaks. naika papa iaka mama iaka mama chako tanas klunas 1895. iaka mimlus klunas 2003. drit naika tanas pus iaka chako mimlus. wik kata pus naika wawa kopa iaka “maika komtaks chinuk?” kopa ukuk drit sik tomtom naika. pi naika mama [pi papa] patlach ukuk baskit kopa naika.

There’s so much to learn from our elders. Sometimes I wish I could turn back the clock and ask my grandparents and great grandparents about things like this, but sadly they passed away while I was too young to know what to ask. I’m lucky to have known them while they were around and to have learned what I did.

One way that we can continue to learn from those elders who have passed on though is by reading what they wrote. If you want to hear about this region in this time period from the perspective of its first inhabitants, chinuk pipa will tell you part of that tale. Through chinuk pipa they speak to us still in vivid exciting detail! You will not get that from a dusty old word list.

Note: I made a mistake when writing “shushwap”. This is how it’s written:

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