Chinuk Pipa Subtitles!?

Across the Wide Missouri captioned in Chinuk Pipa by Q’alis

Have you downloaded the Chinuk Pipa font yet? Well if you have, check out this video captioned in Chinuk Pipa by Q’alis! Make sure that you click the “cc” button before you start watching.

This is from the trailer for “Across the Wide Missouri“, a film that features some Chinuk Wawa.

π›°œπ›°…π›±›β€Œπ›°…π›±›π›°™ π›°™π›±β€Œπ›°™π›±›π›°… π›°…π›°‹π›±‚π›°†π›±‡π›°œ! π›°ƒπ›°†π›±›π›°œ π›±žπ›°€π›°ƒ π›°šπ›°œπ›±π›±†β€Œπ›°…π›± π›°™π›±β€Œπ›°™π›±›π›°… π›°…π›±β€Œπ›°…π›±œ 𛰂𛱆 π›±žπ›°… π›°†π›±‡β€Œπ›°†π›±‡ π›°šπ›°œπ›±π›±†β€Œπ›°…π›± π›°™π›±β€Œπ›°™π›±›π›°… π›°₯𛱇𛰙 π›°…π›±β€Œπ›°šπ›±β€Œπ›±ž 𛱆𛰀𛰃 π›°™π›±›β€Œπ›°‰π›±† π›°…π›±„β€Œπ›°‚π›± π›°£π›±‡β€Œπ›°šπ›±›π›°… π›°‚π›±†β€Œπ›°‚π›±.

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