naika wawa mirsi kopa msaika

haiyoo peipa naika mamook okok sno pi naika tiki wawa masi kopa kanawei-tlaksta mamook-help kopa naika. poos heilo masaika mamook-kakwa, heilo mitlait kaltash wawa peipa. wik-leili naika paltach iht okok tenas book kopa kanawei masaika. poos maika patlach peipa kopa naika, maika tl’ap iht okok book. naika mamook okok tenas book kopa okok naika lima, tloosh masaika mamook-tlaẖowyam kopa naika poos wik-tloosh okok book. :’)

𛰙𛱇𛰋𛱇 𛰅𛰋𛱇𛰜 𛰙𛱁𛰜 – meli klismas

It’s been a great year of Chinook and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that’s helped out. Without all the community’s help there would be no Kaltash Wawa. So to say thank you I put together a couple of little booklets with some of the Chinook we’ve made over the course of the year. I’ll be making and sending these out to all who contributed to the Kaltash Wawa. Don’t go too hard on me though if the books aren’t the highest quality. I had to throw these together quickly by hand! :’)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Do you want a book too but didn’t contribute this year? Well maybe you should send in a submission 🙂 Who knows? Maybe we’ll have another book sometime soon…

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