naika tlatwa nanich aksitan-ilahi #1 – naika ḵ’o’

saẖali mitlait aksitan town neim ts’um kopa aksitan-wawa. atlḵi naika mamook-kumtuks masaika ḵata okok wawa pi okok town naika tlatwa nanich.

In this series I’m going to be writing a multi-post story about a trip to the southern part of France, sometimes called “Occitania”. It will be in Chinook Wawa written in the BC Learner’s Orthography, which you can read about here. I will also be adding footnotes for words or constructions you may not be familiar with.

Neologisms or new borrowings that I have never seen in historical documents will be marked with a * and possibly a footnote if they need an explanation. Generally I will be trying to avoid them whenever possible.

If you’d like to read a similar historical account of a journey through France check out this Kamloops Wawa (transcription and translation available here).

tlaẖowyam tilikum! okok sun naika tiki mamook-peipa kopa masaika.

chhi alta naika k’ilapai kopa bisi (british kolumbia ilahi). tenas-anḵati naika tlatwa nanich pasaiyooks-ilahi kanamokst naika tloochman. nesaika tlatwa nanich yaka tilikum pi iht iaka tilikum, yaka maliyei tloochman kopa okok ilahi pos nesaika mitlait kopa yawa.

naika tiki mamook-kumtuks masaika ḵata¹ okok ilahi, okok tilikum kopa yawa, pi ikta nesaika mamook pos nesaika mitlait kopa yawa.

9 sun naika mitlait pasaiyooks ilahi pi haiyoo naika nanich. kopa okok², tl’onas³ naika mamook-ts’um haiyoo peipa. wik-ḵata naika mamook-mitlait kanawei okok kopa iht peij⁴. kakwa, atlḵi naika mamook-kooli⁵ tenas-haiyoo wuẖt peij pos masaika nanich kanawei-ikta nesaika mamook.

alta tloosh pos naika mamook-kumtuks masaika ḵata nesaika kooli⁶ kopa okok ilahi.

naika kooli pi ḵ’o’ wik-saiyaa kopa abtersurdron-town «Aubeterre-Sur-Dronne», ḵata aksitan ilahi pi wawa

naika pi naika tloochman, nesaika kooli kopa abter

dleit saiyaa french-ilahi kopa bisi. tl’onas 8,200 kulamitur* saiyaa kopa vankoovur-town. kakwa naika kooli kopa plein* pos tlatwa kopa bordo-town. tl’onas 9 owr naika kooli kopa okok plein. wik-ḵata naika slip kopa okok plein. dleit patl tilikum okok plein pi dleit tenas okok cheir ḵaẖ naika sit-down.

yawa naika ḵ’o’ kinchoch-ilahi. ingland-ilahi. wik-ḵata naika tlatwa dleit kopa bordo-town pos naika mash vankoovr-town. kakwa naika ḵ’o’ kopa gatwik steishun⁷, wik-saiyaa kopa london-town. yawa⁸ wuẖt naika kooli kopa ẖuloima tenas plein. “Easy Jet” plein okok. kopa yurop dleit tenas-makook pos kooli kopa saiyaa-ilahi. tl’onas maika makook tikit kopa 50 tala. tl’onas 100 tala naika peiyei pos tlatwa kopa bordo-town pi k’ilapai. dleit tenas-makook.

tl’onas iht owr pi sitkum naika kooli pi naika tl’ap⁹ bordo-town kopa french-ilahi. pos naika tlatwa tlaẖani kopa okok plein, aiyaḵ haiyas wam kanawei ḵaẖ. ana, chhi naika tl’ap pasaiyooks-ilahi tl’onas 35°. haiays skookum okok sun kopa french-ilahi.

tlaska mamook-neim okok ilahi ḵaẖ naika mitlait alta “aksitania”. haiays wam kopa yawa. haiyoo haiyas tloosh ston st’iwi’utl-hous¹⁰ kanawei ḵaẖ. mitlait haiyoo tenas-town saẖali kopa tenas-mountin pi haiyoo tloosh-ilahi patl hwit pi ẖuloima ikta tipso-mukmuk. haiyas puti ilahi okok.

wik-saiyaa kanawei-tlaksta tlaska kumtuks pasaiyooks-wawa alta, pi anḵati kanawei-tlaksta kopa yawa-ilahi¹¹ tlaska wawa “aksitan-wawa”. wik-saiyaa italian-wawa pi spanyol-wawa okok aksitan-wawa. kopa okok wawa , “a” «oc» kakwa pos wawa “nawikta”. kopa french-wawa tlaska wawa “wi” «oui». kakwa, tlaska mamook-neim okok lalaang pi ilahi aksitan.

dleit kakwa katalan-wawa, okok aksitan-wawa

tenas-haiyoo tilikum kawnisum tlaska kumtuks okok aksitan-wawa. french govmint tlaska trai pos mamook-kopit okok wawa pi ẖuloima wawa, dleit kakwa kopa yakwaa-ilahi, kopa kanada, okok. haiyas masaachi.

okok sun kwanisum french govmint tlaska trai pos mamook-kopit okok wawa. wik-ḵata aksitan-tlilikum tlaska mamook-skool tenaas kopa aksitan wawa kanawei sun. kopit somtaims tlaska wawa aksitan-wawa kopa skool: tl’onas iht, mokst owr kopa iht sundei. french-tilikum tlaska wawa “wik-tloosh pos tlaska mamook-skool tlaska tenaas kopa okok ẖuloima wawa. pos tlaska mamook kakwa, tl’onas chako-kakshit nesaika ilahi. tl’onas heilo okok tenaas tlaska kumtuks french-wawa. tl’onas okok tenaas tl’ap paiya-tumtum kopa tlaska ilahi pi atlḵi heilo tlaska tiki french govmint pi tilikum.”

pos masaika tiki kumtuks ḵata haiyas piltun okok french tilikum, tloosh pos masaika nanich okok nanich-laloopan¹²:

haiyas piltun. haiyas masaachi.

atlḵi ilep-haiyoo naika wawa masaika ḵata okok aksitan-wawa. pi tloosh alta naika mamook-kumtuks masaika ḵaẖ naika tlatwa pos naika mash bordo town steishun.

mokst sun anḵati, naika tloochman pi yaka tilikum tlaska ḵ’o’. kakwa, tlaska tlatwa kopa steishun pi yawa naika tlatwa kanamokst tlaska kopa ts’ikts’ik. nesaika mash bordo-tawn pi tl’onas mokst owr nesaika kooli. yawa nesaika ḵ’o’ wik-saiyaa kopa iht tenas town yaka neim abtersurdron «Aubeterre-Sur-Dronne».

sitkum aksitan-wawa pi sitkum french-wawa okok “abtersurdron”. “aba tera” kakwa pos wawa “tk’op ilahi” kopa aksitan-wawa. tlaska wawa “alba tera” kopa latin-wawa. “sur dron” kakwa pos wawa “kopa dron stalo” kopa french-wawa. pi kakwa pos kwanisum tilikum wawa “abter”. kopit sumtaims tlaska wawa kanawei okok neim.

nesaika mitlait kopa hows tl’onas 1km saiyaa kopa okok town. mitlait haiyoo tloosh-ilahi kanawei ḵaẖ. haiyoo tipso. haiyoo kulakula. tenas-haiyoo moosmoos. nanich okok pikcha saẖali.

pos nesaika ḵ’o’ okok hous, tl’onas 24 owr heilo naika slip. wik-saiyaa naika lost naika main. hihihi. kakwa, aiyaḵ naika tlatwa slip.

abter-town pi haiyas ston st’iwi’utl-hous kikwuli kopa ilahi.


chako tomolo pi nesaika kooli kopa abter-town. haiyas tloosh tenas town okok. okok town mitlait saẖali kopa tenas-mountin. haiyoo tenas oiẖut tlatwa ḵaẖḵaẖ, saẖali pi kikwuli. kanawei hous, ston hous. saẖali kopa okok tenas-mountin mitlait anḵati skookum ston hous ḵaẖ taiyi kopa town mitlait anḵati.

kopa okok town mtilait mokst haiyas tloosh ston st’iwi’utl-hous. iht hous mitlait kikwuli kopa ilahi! tlaska mamook-kut okok ston kopa iht said¹³ okok tenas-mountain pos mamook okok st’iwi’utl-hous!


tlaska mamook-neim okok st’iwi’utl-hous «Église monolithe d’Aubeterre-sur-Dronne». “monolith” kakwa pos wawa “tlaska mamook kopa iht ston”

tl’onas 1200 sno anḵati tlaska mamook st’iwi’utl-hous wik-saiyaa kopa ḵaẖ alta mitlait okok haiyas st’iwi’utl-hous. yawa, tl’onas 800 sno anḵati, iht taiyi kopa abter-town, pier du kastiyo yaka neim, yaka tlatwa fait kanamokst kopa muslim-tilikum. kopa yawa-ilahi yaka nanich okok st’iwi’utl-hous tlaska mamook-neim “holi sepulkur”: kakwa pos wawa “ẖa’ẖa’ ston mimaloos-ilahi”. tlaska wawa pos shishookli yaka mimaloos-ilahi pi okok ilahi ḵaẖ shishookli chako-mimaloos kopa lakwaa mitlait insaid kopa okok st’iwi’utl-hous.

wuẖt pier yaka nanich ḵata tlaska mamook st’iwi’utl-hous kopa yawa-ilahi: tlaska mamook-kut iht said tenas-mountin pos mamook kanawei okok st’iwi’utl-hous.

wuẖt taiyi pier yaka kapswaala ikta-ẖa’ẖa’ kopa yawa-ilahi. yaka wawa pos yaka iskum “dleit lakwaa” pi shisookli yaka bon. tlaska wawa shishookli yaka chako mimaloos kopa okok “dleit lakwaa”.

pos masaika kumtuks, katolik st’iwi’utl-tilikum, kwanisum tlaska mamook-mitlait ikta-ẖa’ẖa’ kopa tlaska st’iwi’utl-hous. tlaska wawa pos okok ikta-ẖa’ẖa’ mamook-tloosh tlaska pi patlach tlaska kanawei ikta tloosh. tlaska mamook neim okok ikta-ẖa’ẖa «relics» pi ḵaẖ okok ikta mitlait «reliquaries».

yawa taiyi pier yaka lolo-k’ilapai kopa abter-town. pi yaka mamook-tumtum pos yaka mamook-ilep-haiyas pi ilep-tloosh okok anḵati st’iwi’utl-hous. yaka mamook okok st’iwi’utl-hous kakwa holi sepulkur pi okok st’iwi’utl-hous yaka nanich kopa tenas-mountin. kopit okok pi¹⁴ yaka mamook-mitlait okok ikt-ẖa’ẖa’ kopa reliquaries insaid kopa okok chhi st’iwi’utl-hous.

okok ikta-ẖa’ẖa’ mitlait insaid kopa okok tenas reliquary hous. dleit kakwa holi seplikur st’iwi’utl-hous okok.

alta, okok sun, heilo mitlait ikta-ẖa’ẖa’ kopa okok st’iwi’utl-hous. anḵati chako-tenas-kakshit okok st’iwi’utl-hous pos ilahi haiyoo sheik. wuẖt st’iwi’utl-tilikum mamook-kakshit pos tlaska fait kanamokst: 500 sno anḵati katolik st’iwi’utl-tilikum fait kanamokst “hyoogunots” «Huguenots», kakwa bostun-plieyei-tilikum tlaska. heilo katolik. haiyoo st’iwi’utl-hous tlaska mamook-kakshit, pi haiyoo tilikum chako-mimaloos kopa fait. tl’onas 4 miliun tilikum chako-mimloos. tlaska mamook-neim okok fait «Wars of Religion».

alta chako-kopit okok naika peipa. wik-leili wuẖt naika mamook-peipa kopa masaika. atlḵi!


1 – ḵata can be used to mean “about” when speaking about information about something.

2 – kopa okok = kakwa = so, therefore. Commonly found in the Kamloops Wawa.

3 – tl’onas can often be translated like “I reckon” or “I think” in circumstances like this.

4 – peij = page. Spelled “pish” in Chinuk Pipa.

5 – mamook-kooli = publish. Commonly found in the Kamloops Wawa.

6 – kooli in BC CW often means generically “to travel” as it does in this context, but it can also carry the connotation of “wandering around up to no good” (though it does not mean that in this context).

7 – steishun = station. This word appears frequently in the Kamloops Wawa.

8 – yawa = then, and then. This is a very common meaning in the North. “alta” is a synonym.

9 – tl’ap = arrive. This is a very common meaning in the North in addition to several other meanings like “find”, “wind up X (outside of your control)”. ḵ’o‘ is a synonym for “arrive”.

10 – st’iwi’utl = religion, prayer. By extension st’iwi’utl-hous = church, st’iwi’utl-tilikum = christians

11 – yawa-ilahi, literally means “there-land” but means “there”, “that country”. By extension, “yakwa-ilahi” = “here”, “this country”. A common expression at least in Northern Chinook Jargon.

12 – nanich-laloopan* = video. A neologism out of Grand Ronde, I believe.

13 – said = side. Commonly found in the Kamloops Wawa.

14 – kopit X (pi) = when X was finished then…

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