You Can Now Type Chinuk Pipa!

Check it out here! It’s still a work in progress and there’s still a few bugs to work out, but generally it works great! Thank you so much to David Corbett for his amazing work. If you notice any problems please let us know. You can use ; at the start of a word toContinue reading “You Can Now Type Chinuk Pipa!”

What is the Kaltash Wawa?

The Kaltash Wawa is a Chinook Jargon (aka Chinuk Wawa) language newspaper published in BC’s shorthand alphabet – Chinuk Pipa – once widely used to write Chinook Jargon and other Indigenous language in British Columbia. This paper is written in Chinook Jargon as spoken and written in British Columbia as we can see in historicalContinue reading “What is the Kaltash Wawa?”