Chinook Meme Review

If you aren’t active in certain circles of the Chinook Jargon community, it might come as a surprise to you that there are tons of memes in Chinuk Wawa. I thought I would take a moment today to share the top 5 of the past few weeks.

#1 Deepfried Lazer-eyes Le Jeune (aka “kata maika?”)

A classic meme. Nearly unlimited potential. Credit to Gab for this one.

#2 Pipa

Pus maika skukum pus nanich ukuk chinuk pipa, drit tlus maika latit. Credit to Q’alis for this one.

#3 Stonks

Made during the height of the Gamestop craze – “pos ‘r/wallstreetbets’-tilikum maika alta pi wuẖt maika kumtuks chinook-peipa”

#4 The Tl’onas Brothers

Tl’onas okok ‘Tl’onas Brothers’ tlaska, tl’onas heilo. Credit to Raccoon Juice.

#5 The Oregon Oiẖut

Tloosh maika mamook-liplip chuḵ ilip maika mukmuk. It’s a dangerous place out there. Credit to Stubs.

Masi for the memes everyone. Keep them coming.

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