Chinook Meme Review #2

It’s been a bit and there’s been a decent amount of memes that have gone unreviewed. Let’s fix that! Here’s the freshest chinuk wawa memes from the past few weeks.

1. Kloshe Nanitch

The Rocky Mountain Rangers are an infantry reserve unit out of Kamloops BC who just so happen to have both a Chinook Jargon motto and a very high quality badge lol. Credit to Sean for his artistic interpretation of a true masterpiece of embroidery. Truly a banner to fight under.

2. Piktyur

If you’ve read enough of the Kamloops Wawa, you know that piktyur (pictures) are way better than siisim (stories / news). TLUS MAIKA PATLACH PIKTYUR. This is why I’m giving you the memes.

3. Pil-nek Wawa

This one stems from a non-speaker who happened overhear us talking and they said that speaking Chinook with unaspirated consonants makes you sound like a redneck. Tl’onas kakwa. Who doesn’t like a good rubber duckie though? Credit to Qalis.

4. The Bone Game

This one is less of a meme and more of a hilarious coincidence that the “bone game” aka slahal, aka lahal, aka the stick game, happens to look like a very different kind of bone when written in Chinuk Pipa. We got a good laugh out of this anyway. Maybe we’re just immature.

5. Judge K’was

Weik-leili juj k’was yaka mamook-kort-hous maika. Dleit maika tl’ap laplitas. For those who haven’t seen Judge Dredd before (the original) check this clip out. Credit to Qalis once again.


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