Kaltash Wawa No. 12 – July 26, 2021

chi naika makuk ukuk buk iawa

kopa ukuk kaltash wawa pipa naika mamuk tsim ayu ukuk siisim iaka nim hansil pi gritil. wiht naika tlap pipa: boston man wawa #2 pi iht pipa shan iaka mamuk tsim.

The Kaltash Wawa is a Chinook Jargon (aka Chinuk Wawa) language ‘newspaper’ published in BC’s shorthand alphabet – Chinuk Pipa – once widely used to write Chinook Jargon and other Indigenous languages in British Columbia. This paper is written in Chinook Jargon as spoken and written in British Columbia as we can see in historical documents and as I have been taught (to the best of my ability of course).

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