Coming soon: an official Chinook Jargon translation of Minecraft?

wik lili msaika nanich “chinuk” kopa iawa

It’s official: Chinook Jargon has been approved for a Minecraft translation!

ALikeablePerson has spearheaded this project in its initial phase and is now assembling a team of translators.

This, however, is a huge project with thousands and thousands of words to be translated. Many of these words are without equivalents in Chinook and with some of them even neologisms in English.

For example, how would you translate these:

Pretty daunting!

If you think you’re up to the task, reach out to me here and I can put you in touch with the project leader.

3 thoughts on “Coming soon: an official Chinook Jargon translation of Minecraft?

    1. I don’t believe there are any plans to use Chinuk Pipa. I’m not involved in the project and most of the people who are don’t know Chinuk Pipa. Also the font is not finalized yet so some random update could easily undo everything written in it unfortunately.


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