Flying Sheet #5

In this flying sheet come learn how some of the countries of the world are written! You’ll notice that some of these countries have some old-fashioned names which we don’t use anymore in English. Check it out:


  1. british kolombia ilihi or bisi
  2. kanada ilihi (note this means Ontario / Quebec / eastern Canada)
  3. boston ilihi
  4. miksiko ilihi
  5. in.glish ilihi or in.gland ilihi or kingshorsh ilihi
  6. pasayuks ilihi
  7. shirman ilihi
  8. ishipt ilihi
  9. sawt afrika ilihi
  10. shainaman ilihi or shaina ilihi
  11. ton.g king ilihi
  12. shapan ilihi
  13. ostrilia ilihi
  14. silon ilihi

Of course if you just want to say “the world” you just write “ukuk ilihi”! Let me know if you’d like to know how to write the name of your country in the comments below.

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